How to Remove E7 Error On Your Air Conditioner 2023

e7 error in ac

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Friend, when you set your air conditioner to 16 temperature haier dc inverter e7 error code will come, so we will tell you in the detail

What is it? And Why it comes?

What does it mean? 

Why does it occur?  

What is its solution? 

I will tell you in full detail how to fix E7 error on Haier air conditioner model this error code comes. So the meaning of this e7 error in ac is that it is a Serial Communication Error, and your Indoor And Outdoor are not communicating

In technical language, Serial Communication Error and in common language, when Indoor and Outdoor communication ends so it is called Serial Communication Error.

So friends, when haier inverter ac e7 error code comesyour Indoor and Outdoor units will completely stop workingFor this, first of all, check the Indoor to Outdoor wires Which are electrically connected

The Communication error has got loose connected or has to get burnt Cause of any reason Because 1.5 Ton supply is Outdoor to Indoor. So it means an indoor and outdoor unit in both electric is present. Because of this, this unit is working.

But communication wires can have faults. It can be loosely connected It can be cut It can get damage cause of any reason So check it. If the wire is totally alright  And besides this, what can be the fault? I will show you what can be the fault in the outdoor unit.

Now go to your Haier Dc Inverter Outdoor unit, and I will tell you Because its electricity goes outdoors to indoor So that’s why these two cables have to get confirmed that they are alright Because these are giving supply Check the cables are 1 and 2, which are totally alright and They do not have any fault, But this red wire 3 no wire

Which is a communication wire. It can have a fault It can be broken or loosely connected, You will check it So your this fault can get  finish after this fault doesn’t go Open outdoor PCB and check fuse gets burnt So then also it will show you the E7 error on the display If PCB get dead Cause of any reason, then also it will give E7 error If any components get burnt so, then also it will give E7 error code.

When you get it repaired then also your error code will get disappear from the display Or completely change it then also your this  E7 error will finish from your display, and your unit will come back again in working condition.

Haier Dc Inverter Ac 1 Ton model

This is the model. When in it E7 error code comes In 1.5 Ton and 1 Ton  is having some difference in fault So I will tell you the fault difference. That  what is the fault E7 error code as shown on the display. It shows once, and then it turns off again.

Now I will tell you what is difference between 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton its supply comes from Outdoor to Indoor But 1 Ton supply connected It goes from Indoor to Outdoor So because of this the PCB inside it Inside indoor, a switching relay is fit. 

 switching relay

So from switching relay electric pass to outdoor unit and switching relay can also be faulted if electric is not going to outdoor unit So it means that It wires can be. I have already told you about wires But its switching relay can also be damaged Because of this also, electricity cannot pass.

I will tell you its switching relay by opening the indoor unit That where it is fit ? and how it looks ? As you can see, we have opened the cover so you can see the PCB. We have taken out the PCB from the cover You can see the relay. You can see the black colour piece This is a switching relay is almost 20 Amps and 220 to 250 Volts.This is a switching relay if it gets faulted Cause of any reason

If carbon comes between these two points Because the two points are attached to each other If carbon comes between them , then also it will not pass electricity Or if it gets damageddamaged by itself, then also If PCB doesn’t turn it on so, then also it can tell you the E7 error In both these, this is the difference.

I have to tell you that 1 Ton , 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton can have these differences Because 1.5 Ton and 2 ton supply comes from outdoor is direct supply So it has nothing to do with switching But 1 Ton supply goes from Indoor to Outdoor And switching relay is involved in it. So if in switching relay problem comes so, then it can show an E7 error  Haier Dc Inverter Ac 1 Ton PCB opened

I will just tell you that its supply is from Indoor to Outdoor Here just supply comes From here doesn’t go anything All the talks I have told you check them Faults 1 Ton , 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton will be almost similar But 1 Ton switching relay can have fault So that’s why you can’t ignore it


the article, I am providing information on the E7 error code that occurs in Haier DC Inverter ACs. The error code signifies a serial communication error, which occurs due to loose or faulty communication wires between the indoor and outdoor units. The article suggests checking the wires and the outdoor PCB and fuse for any faults. The switching relay can also be a source of fault in the 1 Ton model, as it is involved in the supply of electricity from the indoor to outdoor unit. The article emphasizes the importance of checking these components to resolve the E7 error code and bring the AC unit back to working condition, so I hope your problem will be solved if you have any questions about this article, please comment, and I will reply to you soon.

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