SOLVED: Panasonic washing machine shows error code U14

Assalamu Alaikum!

Welcome to this article, Today on (30 Aug 2023) writing this article, Today I’m going to explain that the Panasonic front-load washing machine that I have is a heater model and that it shows the error code H17. I’m also going talk about why the H17 issue appears, what the significance behind it is, how you can resolve that error, and how you can repair it.

Troubleshooting the H17 Error Code

Friends, the Panasonic front load heater model washing machine H17 error code is arriving. “Economic thermistor” failure was the topic of conversation we were having. Consequently, you can access the interior of your front-loading washing machine by opening the cover. Check to see whether the economic thermistor sensor is installed in it; it’s possible that the rat chewed through the wire leading to the sensor. Therefore, even if you reconnect that cable after the rat has already cut it, you will still be able to correct this issue.

If the mouse does not chew through the wire connecting the sensor, you will need to replace the “Economic thermistor” sensor. Your front-loading washing machine H17 error code will disappear entirely when you replace the economic thermistor sensor with a new one hope that the information that I provided has been clear to you.


You should now be able to fix the H17 error code on your Panasonic front-load washing machine. With the help of this article, you will be able to examine your Panasonic front-load washer and identify the main factors that cause your washing machine to display an error code. If you have any problem with your fridge air-conditioner washing machine or you want to talk to me on that topic or need any solution then you can comment me in the comment box

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