How to solve U11 error in Panasonic toploader washing machine

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Welcome to this article, today on (21 Aug 2023) writing this article, I am going to tell you that if you have a Panasonic company’s top load washing machine. What other errors might occur in a Panasonic toploader washing machine?

Why does the U11 error come, and how to fix this error at home, If you have any problem with your fridge air-conditioner washing machine or you want to talk to me on that topic or need any solution, then you can comment me in the comment box.

Friends, today we were talking about how if the u11 error in panasonic toploader washing machine, then it is an error.

Troubleshooting U11 Error: Check the Pipe First

Water is not flowing correctly from the output water pipe of your washing machine. There may be some stuff on top of the pipe due to which the water is not draining correctly. It is also important to make sure that there are no pieces of garbage stuck inside the pipe, which can be the reason for the water not flowing. The first step in resolving the issue is to check if there is garbage stuck in the pipe, and if there is, remove it or clean it thoroughly; then, the error in the machine will be fixed afterward.

Troubleshooting U11 Error: Flow of water

The second problem is that you need to check if the flow of water is not coming down.
In some cases, due to the accumulation of garbage, the water could not be discharged properly, which led to the U11 error. Regardless of the fact that you clean the drain rubber call properly, the error will still be resolved.

Troubleshooting U11 Error: Washing Machine Placement

In the third step, you have to check the floor on which the washing machine is placed, and even if you lift up the drain pipe by 10cm, you will see that the flow of water has been reduced, which is why the U11 error code appears. All you have to do is keep your washing machine in the same place. The water pipe should also go directly from the level so that there is no problem with the water flowing in the machine.
The water should drain out properly, and you should pay attention that the pipe should not be raised upwards, even if this u11 error comes.

Troubleshooting U11 Error: Positioning of Drain Pipe

I’ll tell you the fourth problem the output drain pipe in the washing machine through which the wastewater flows, the length of that pipe should not be more than 3 meters. As long as the pipe comes connected with the company, let the length of the pipe remain the same, do not install extra pipe.
Due to an increase in the length of the pipe, the pipe goes up and down, due to which the flow of water decreases; even the u11 error comes. You should pay attention to the problem while using the washing machine; the drain pipe is not hanging in the machine; even if the pipe is stuck in the hook above, the u11 error will also appear; if you lower the pipe while using the machine, then this error will not appear.

I have told you five ways to remove u11; by looking at these five ways, you can fix the u11 error in your washing machine.

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